Delivering the renowned benefits of cold therapy to the residents and visitors of the Southern Highlands for the first time, Revitalize Cryo is a revolutionary new Cryotherapy Health and Wellness centre in the region, owned and operated by a local passionate about the celebrated advantages this hypothermic treatment offers. Professional and caring, we offer the latest, cutting-edge service and equipment for both Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and Localised Cryotherapy treatments to give each client an effective and revitalising experience. ...Revitalize Cryo offers more than just Cryotherapy. We offer the latest top-of-the-line Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared sauna, Cold plunge Ice Bath, Salt Therapy (Halotherapy), Medical grade Whole Body Red Light Therapy and NormaTec compression boots that can be used alone or in combination with our Cryo services to enhance your health and wellness. Try these unique, ground breaking treatments yourself. Come in and see our friendly staff or contact us by phone or email for further enquiries.


❖ Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) involves immersing the body in a cold chamber, which emits
vapours at extremely low temperatures ranging from -110℃ to -160 ℃. This is usually done for
an interval of 2 to 3 minutes.
❖ Cryotherapy has been proven to show results in decreasing inflamed joints, muscles and body
tissues by releasing the chemicals that cause pain and inflammation.
❖ During cryotherapy, the brain detects the drop-in skin temperature and draws blood towards the
core and causes greater blood flow.
❖ Cryotherapy triggers the release of adrenaline and endorphins which significantly masks and
reduces pain.
❖ During a 2 to 3 minute session your skin surface and muscle tissue constrict, forcing blood
away from the peripheral tissue and towards your core. In the core, the bodies natural filtration
system works to remove toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood.
❖ After exiting the camber, the blood flows back to the peripheral tissue. Now cleaner and
enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes, your blood works up and enriches skin and
muscles and range of motion increases.
❖ Over the next 48 hours, the process of restoration occurs and the body returns to a forever
and better state of condition with reduced pain and inflammation, increasing levels of energy.
Recovery times from strenuous workouts and injury are improved and shortened.
❖ Clients may experience a noticeable difference after just one session but it’s recommended
depending on your body and what your goal is can determine the frequency and amount
of Cryotherapy treatments you should take. As a general rule of thumb we recommend
anywhere between 5-10 sessions within a short period of time then depending on your
results will determine how often you should return after that.
❖ Athletes, pain sufferers, fitness enthusiasts and even celebrities have embraced cryotherapy,
taking advantage of the possible rejuvenating and reparative nature of this effective and noninvasive treatmen


We recommend wearing comfortable underwear or swimwear for your appointment. Gloves, socks, ugg boots and a robe is provided by Revitalize Cryo for your protection and privacy. There is a personal and private change room available.



Muscle Recovery & Performance

Reduce Chronic Pain & Arthritic Pain
Skin Conditions & Cellulite Reduction
Reduce Inflammation
Beauty & Anti-Aging
Injury Rehab & Improve Joints
Detox & Weight Loss
Reduce Anxiety & Better Sleep


❖ Pregnant or lactating women

❖ Anyone with a cardiac pacemaker, arrhythmia, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, or has a history of blood clots

❖ Patients with uncontrolled seizures

❖ People suffering from acute cerebrovascular accident, vein thrombosis, Raynaud’s Syndrome, unstable angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction, Anemia and blood disorders of any sort

❖ Patients with kidney diseases, history of cancer, symptomatic lung disorders, as well as cold allergies and unmanaged hypertension (BP>180-100)

If you have any of these conditions or suspect you do, please consult your doctor before enjoying the cutting-edge treatments that Revitalize Cryotherapy offers.


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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

❖ Speeding up recovery ❖ Reducing inflammation ❖ Boosting endorphins ❖ Reducing muscle soreness


Spot Treatment Cryotherapy (Localised Cryo)

❖ Pain Reduction ❖ Reducing Inflammation ❖ Reducing Swelling ❖ Post Injury Recovery ❖ Scar Reduction

Cryo Facial

❖ Improving skin tone ❖ Reducing redness ❖ Reducing fine lines ❖ Boosting collagen production ❖ Glowing skin

Infrared Sauna (Sunlighten Full-Spectrum)

The temperature of a full spectrum infrared sauna is typically between 40 – 75 degrees °C. However, despite operating at a lower temperature, your body will typically perspire far more in a full-spectrum infrared sauna due to complete heat penetration.


NormaTec Compression Boots

Highly popular with many Athletes across many sports NormaTec compression boots are the go too recovery system for their effective way to help trigger recovery in a fast and easy way helping them to be ready for their next game, race, workout or whatever it may be.



Revitalize cryo stock A RANGE OF TOP QUALITY CBD products from  optimum cbd. we stock 3000mg oils, gummies and roll-on topical cream. 

our cbd isolate & cbd sleep & Anti-stress isolate oils are copletely thc free & drug test friendly as are the gummies.

our full spectrum oil has 0.3 percent thc and certified organic hemp oil. it uses all the cannabinoids such as cbd, cbg, cbn 7 thc for the highest form of relief.


  • chronic pain management
  • sleep
  • help with ptsd
  • regulates stress & anxiety 
  • strenghtens cardiovascular system
  • promotes gut health
  • may help with epilepsy & seizures
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • mental clarity
  • skin health
  • general well-being

with many more. come check out our range and discuss whats best for you.


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